According to Richard Taylor Eisenstein has become a myth. He has been acclaimed as a genius, as the greatest film-maker of all times, as the maker of the greatest film of all time, and as one of the great philosophers of art of our century. More has been written about him than about any other film director and he himself wrote more than any other film director both about his own work and about cinema as a medium and as an art form. (2009, p1)

Today contemporary directors are still using his methods of montage. Brian de Palma used the motive of rolling down pram in the train station sequence in his movie The Untouchables (1987). Oliver Stone used Eisenstein's concepts of visual conflict in the sequence of night attack in Platoon (1986). Majority of music video clips are using Eisenstein's montage of attraction. TV commercials are based on intellectual montage, or like Nike and Adidas advertisement are using overtonal montage.
I think that calling Eisenstein a father of montage is accurate by all means.