Hans Haacke in his works raises sensitive issues. He xposes politically inconvenient facts and links between world of art and particularly the world of art museums with the world of politics. He forces the viewer to think and draw their own conclusions.
His „project of connecting social and ideological interests with cultural practice in the broad variety of repressive disguises, making those disguises to which culture lends itself part of the site-specific and institutional-critical focus of the work, is hard for the institutions themselves to reincorporate and reneutralize.”(Foster, 2004)

In his Statement published in Art into Society, Society into Art (p.63) he stated that :”In principle the decisions of museum officials, ideologically highly determined or receptive to deviations from the norm, follow the boundaries set by their employers. These boundaries need not be expressly stated in order to be operative. Frequently museum officials have internalized the thinking of their superiors to a degree that it becomes natural for them to make the ‘right’ decisions and a congenial atmosphere reigns between employee and employer.”(Hoffman, 2011)